Digitec computer Training centre is offering a number of courses to meet the need of an individual, a common man, a businessman, a person at any age level to learn about computer at basic level and at a professional level. Courses at different level are given below. .


Eligibility For Admission

Eligible for admission, prospective candidates should be at least Matric. Final selection will be made on merit after the interview of the candidate. Interested candidates applying for admission in Diploma Course or any other course should obtain Digitec Broucher with admission from free of cost.

Fee Schedule

The Fee Schedules of DIT Shall Be As Follow:

  Admission Fee Rs.2500(at the time of admission)
  Tution Fee Rs.2500(per month)
Registration Fee Rs.2000(at the time of admission)
Total Rs. 7000/-

All fees paid by trainees neither refundable nor adjustable. All students must pay their monthly tuition fee latest by 5th of each month positively. Late fee of Rs.50/- per day will be charged in case of delayed payment.

Admission Requirements

At the time of admission documents required:

  • 4 Copies of Matric (SSC) Certificate.
  • 6 Photographs (Passport Size).
  • NOC is Required if Student Passed his/her HSSC Examination other than Punjab

Diploma Class Timings:

Morning Evening
From To From To
08.00 AM 11.00 AM 03.00 PM 06.00 PM
09.00 AM 12.00 PM 04.00 PM 07.00 PM
10.00 AM 01.00 PM 05.00 PM 08.00 PM

Subjects First Semester

  1. Introduction to Computer & Operating System (DOS, Windows 7 & Server)
  2. Business Applications(MS-Word 2010)
  3. Business Applications(MS-Excel 2010)
  4. Business Applications(MS-Powerpoint 2010)
  5. Business Applications Internet
  6. Database Management using Ms Access 2010
  7. Programming Fundamentals Flow charts & Programming with VB.Net
  8. Functional English-I
  9. Work Ethics-I

Subjects Second Semester

  1. Graphics Design and Animation
  2. Systems Analysis & Design
  3. Introduction to Computer Networking
  4. Web Development using PHP & MYSQL
  5. Project
  6. Functional English-II
  7. Work Ethics -II

Technical Board's Examination:

Examination will be taken by Punjab Board of Technical Education, Providing the Students an opportunity for attaining the national recognized professional qualification. The examination of P.B.T.E Are held after completion of each semester.

Award of Diploma

The Diploma in information Technology is awarded by the Punjab Board of Technical Education on completion of 12 months program.


Various methods such as lecture, group discussion, practical, assignment, quizzes, surprise test etc. Would be adopted to achieve the desired good results. Adequate facility and training aid such as hands outs, charts, overhead, video shall be available during the training.


Students are required to ensure 80 % attendance in each course. A student is not permitted to appear in the Board / Institute examination, in case he / she do not fulfill the attendance requirement, however, if the instructor allows the student to appear in the exam. The final decision will be of the Principal.


Students are instructed to be present in the lecture / practical schedule timing. In case a student is habitual of coming late in class / Lab, he / she will not be allowed to attend the class Lab by the class instructor.


Monthly tests are held for each subject. Appearance in such test is compulsory for every student. In case a student deliberately remains absent from the test, a suitable action will be taken against him / her as decided by the class instructor and the Principal of the Centre.


Students are not permitted:
  1. To use their personal devices in lab.
  2. To bring their friends / guests / Mobiles in the class/lab.
  3. To carry any prohibited material with them in the Centre.
  4. To use any unfair means in the examinations.
  5. To damage any property of DIGITEC.
  6. To smoke in premises of the Centre.
  7. To wear improper dress
  8. To misbehave with, instructors, office staff of DIGITEC and with other students of the Centre.


If any student is found guilty of any act of indiscipline / misconduct his / her admission will be terminated without any notice. In such a case, decision of the Principal of the DIGITEC will be final.

On Site Training

Our on-site training program is aimed at both public and private organizations. Where senior and middle level executives may wish to learn computer but can either not find time or inclination to join regular course.

For such organization we develop customized training programmes which our instructors can deliver at the office of the client. We have conducted a number of successful programmes for Government Organization, private companies.

Subjects First Semester

Subject Theory Marks Practical Marks Total Marks
Introduction to Computer & Operating System (DOS, Windows 7 & Server) 50 100 150
Business Applications(MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint 2010), Internet Management & E-Commerce 100 200 300
Database Management using Ms Access 2010 50 75 125
Programming Fundamentals Flow charts & Programming with VB.Net 100 150 250
Functional English-I 50 25 75
Work Ethics-I 50 - 50
Total Marks: 400 550 950

Subjects Second Semester

Subject Theory Marks Practical Marks Total Marks
Graphics Design and Animation 50 150 200
Introduction to Computer Networking 50 100 150
System Analysis & Design 50 25 75
Web Development using PHP & MYSQL 100 200 300
Functional English-II 50 25 75
Work Ethics-II 50 - 50
Project 50 50
Total Marks: 400 500 900