Fee Detail

The fee structure for different courses available is given below.


  • A card will be issued to all the students for fee submission and fee record
  • The card must be carried with student all the time when in institute.
  • Card must be produced each time student will make a payment.
  • The payment must be up-to-date otherwise a fine of fifty rupees will be charged in case of delay.
  • In case of any misbehavior, strict action will be taken.
All fees paid by trainees neither refundable nor adjustable. All students must pay their monthly tuition fee latest by 5th of each month positively. Late fee of Rs.50/- will be charged in case of delayed payment.

Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

S.NO Fee Amount
1 Admission Fee Rs 2500 /- (at the time of admission)
2 Tution Fee Rs 2500 /- (Per Month)
Total Rs. 5000 /-

Operating System

Subjects Duration Fee
DOS 2 Weeks Rs. 1000 /-
LINUX 4 Weeks Rs. 2000 /-
Windows 7 4 Weeks Rs. 2000 /-

Office Automation

Subjects Duration Fee
MS-Word 3 Months Rs. 7000 /-
MS- Power Point
MS- Access

Programming Languages

Subjects Duration Fee
GW-Basic 4 Weeks Rs. 2000 /-
Turbo C / C++/ Visual C / C Sharp 12 Weeks Rs. 5000 /-
Visual Basic 8 Weeks Rs. 6000 /-
JAVA 8 Weeks Rs. 8000 /-


Auto Cad

Subjects Duration Fee
Mechanical 3 Months Rs. 12000 /-


Graphics Designing

Subjects Duration Fee
Mecromedia Flash 3 Months Rs. 8000 /-
Adobe Photo shop
Corel Draw


Web Development

Subjects Duration Fee
HTML / DHTML 3 Months Rs. 12000 /-
CMS ( WordPress )



Subjects Duration Fee
Networking Essentials 12 Weeks Rs. 6000 /-
Windows NT



Subjects Duration Fee
Computer Maintenance 12 Weeks Rs. 8000 /-
A+ Hardware
Basic Computer Electronics
Fault Diagnostics, Trouble Shooting & Services
Windows and Internet Management


Oracle Certified Professional

Subjects Duration Fee
Developer Track 3 Months Rs. 16000 /-
DBA Track